Fire Safety

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NCCFD Update, Division Chief Jim Turner
Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
11329 McCourtney Road, Grass Valley, CA 95949

As your Fire Chief, I have been given the privilege to serve this great community and work alongside 34 of the most talented individuals in the Fire and Emergency Medical Services. On behalf of the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District, I would like to extend our thanks to our constituents and our community for the support you have shown our organization. You have our commitment, that we will remain staffed, well-trained, and ready to serve you, our constituents at a moment’s notice.  You have my commitment that I will provide an organization that is professional, transparent and fiscally responsible to ensure your trust.

Our crews continue to train on a daily basis in order to improve their skills and develop strength through teamwork.  The implementation of our “Shift Battalion Chief” has allowed our supervising Chief Officers to be out in the field and work one on one with their assigned personnel.

Each year, thousands of acres and hundreds of homes are destroyed by wildland and vegetation fires.  They spread quickly, igniting brush, trees, and homes.  There are ways to protect yourself and your home from this devastation.  One of the most important ways to protect yourself and your property is creating a “defensible space” around your home.  The first step is to remove dry grass, brush and dead leaves within close proximity to your residence. Firefighters need this area to protect your home from a wildfire. The defensible space should extend at least 100 feet out from your house in all directions. If you live on a hill, you should extend the space out further, because fire moves rapidly up slopes.

The Fire District has already seen an increase in the number of responses associated with the critical fire danger we are experiencing.  By working closely with our constituents, it is my goal to reduce the potential for significant loss by fire within our great community.

FireWise Program


The Friends of Banner Mountain (FBM)  is a member of the National Fire Protection Association. FBM joined the National Fire Protection Association in 2009 and has been recognized as a FireWise Community for the last 6 years.
FireWise communities are those where individual property owners and communities have taken practical steps to reduce the hazard of a wildfire.  Each year FBM sponsors a FireWise Community event where pertinent information regarding the reduction of the potential in and around homes is provided. In addition, a number of presentations and demonstrations are given to educate people on the various actions they may take to reduce the fire potential on their property and the area in general.

Fire Safe Council Chipping Program

The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County (FSCNC) will chip any brush that is cleared from defensible space around any permanent structure and/or 30 feet from any roadside or driveway used for evacuation purposes. Any vegetation that grows past such limitations is beyond the boundaries of what we can chip.

Grant funding is very limited for the Chipping program. The FSCNC needs your support to keep the program functional. The FSCNC County relies on a suggested donation of $75 per hour from chipping customers, membership dues and generous donations of local businesses and Nevada County residents to keep the program running. You do not have to donate to use the program but since there are very limited grant funds available, your donation helps to keep it running.

If you are unable to donate the suggested donation amount then any amount you are able to donate for the chipping services you received would help keep the program up and running.

 Special Needs Assistance Program:  The program is funded by grants. These grants specify income ceilings for participants and further require the participants be physically unable to clear their property, have no other person to assist in the clearance and cannot afford to hire a contractor to do the work.

The Fire Safe Council will provide defensible space clean-up for Nevada County Residents who:
• Are over 65 years old or
• Physically Disabled (verified by receiving disability, handicap placards for vehicles, etc.)
• Financially unable to hire a contractor and under the 2015 HUD Annual Income Guidelines:
      * 1 person income: $26,855/yr = $2,238/month
      * 2 person income: $30,700/yr = $2,558/month
• Physically unable to create and maintain their defensible space on their own.

More information regarding the program can be found on the FSCNC website at: and at: