Board of Directors

  • Chuck Staetz, President
  • Andrew Wilkinson, Vice President
  • Chip Wilder, Treasurer
  • Sarah Rohde, Secretary
  • Jeff Peach, Communications
  • Board Member, Open

Additional Leadership Roles

  • Chuck Staetz, FireWise Community
  • Andrew Wilkinson, Webmaster

FBM By Laws: By-Laws.pdf


How You Can Participate

Have you ever considered becoming a Board Member of the Friends of Banner Mountain?
It’s a nice way to be active and to give something back to the community. There are many issues affecting us, directly or indirectly. Sometimes we need to take an organized approach to ensuring we are not adversely affected by local issues. Our Board stays alert and keeps an eye on things, sharing their insights and experience so we can encourage the positive and discourage the negative developments in our neighborhood.

We encourage any one interested in participating to submit their name and contact information plus a short bio before August 31 of any given year to:

Friends of Banner Mountain
P.O. Box 833, Nevada City, CA 95959

Or use our contact form

If not you, maybe you know someone you’d like to nominate. Let us know and we’ll contact her/him.